Life putters on

It’s interesting how quickly life can change. Looking back over the years, I definitely would never have imagined of doing the things I have. I have had the opportunity to see and experience so many things over the last 9 years of travelling. There have been many ups and many downs to the life of a vagabond. So many people have come and gone in and out of my life, many life long friends have been made, and memories created.

Life here in New Zealand has continued to throw surprises at me. Work is still coming along though is wrapping up in the next few months I would assume. Then I hit the road once again. This town and the people here have made the last few months a very memorable one, and it will be a hard place to leave. My camera calls though … beautiful places await. Putter on….

One thought on “Life putters on

  1. HI Luke,

    Love all the pictures you took. Especially the one with the water Falls.

    Love to frame it and put it on my wall.


    Auntie Lilian

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