Commmon Betsy!

Basically the phrase i use every time i’m going up a steep hill. Betsy is my investment that I really hope pays off. My travel chariot, My house on wheels, My Betsy. After a bunch of work, and work still to do, she is a “self contained” vehicle, in theory prepared to cross the country. 

She looks rough on the outside, runs a little rough too come to think about it, but comes fully stocked: Decent set of speakers for good tunes on the road. Solar panels on the roof to charge the second battery. Solar hot water shower on the roof (made but untested so far). Power inverter for all charging needs. Fridge for all food storage needs. Interior lights. Sink with a hand pump tap and water storage. Bed that converts to a chair with a foldable mattress. Portable camp stove. Soda stream.  All things that are needed when living off the grid. 

So far she has treated me well. Lets hope our two year relationship goes great!

Sorry about the photo quality, these where taken with my phone.

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