Life putters on

It’s interesting how quickly life can change. Looking back over the years, I definitely would never have imagined of doing the things I have. I have had the opportunity to […]

Adventures in Northland

Life has been busy and slow all at the same time. Work week to week fluctuates between super busy and quite slow. So I have been trying to utilize my […]

Commmon Betsy!

Basically the phrase i use every time i’m going up a steep hill. Betsy is my investment that I really hope pays off. My travel chariot, My house on wheels, […]

Always moving

So the last couple months have gotten so busy so quickly. Every weekend was booked up and every free minute was used. I was offered a trial position in the […]

On a Roll

So as the two month mark hits, things have been slowly but surely falling into place. Things having been crossed off the list: Arrive and get settled (Check), Find work […]

Working Man

So officially 3 weeks into my Kiwi experience. I’ve seen some sights, ate some pies and found a job. I have been able to wander around town a little bit, […]

New Adventures

Well its been a rocky last few months but lets hope this new adventure will prove to be more promising. Once again i’m shaking things up and checking out life […]

Travelling without Travelling

So since leaving Singapore, I’ve made the trek back home to Vancity. The time back at home was good, catching up with friends, eating familiar foods, and spending time with […]

Today was a Good day

There are just some days you need to spoil yourself. It can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. To remind you what makes life worth living….. Food of […]

No knees, No ninja

Well sadly time is here to leave. A little premature I do have to say considering I was suppose to stay a year and it’s been 2 months. The knees […]

Do you believe in magic?

So lately my knees have been super bad, all this kicking and low squat like positions have taken their toll on this old body. I’ve tried acupuncture and good ol […]

Keep on Truckin

A month has passed and I continue on…. Training runs as usual, Monday to Friday 6am-8pm. It’s still hard work but there is at least slow progress. 2-3 times a […]

Merry Christmas All

Well two weeks have passed and although the second week has not been as intense, it comes with its own challenges. Problems faced this week have changed from muscular pain […]

Week one

1 Week Down! Im not sure if I can say I’ve successfully completed my first week of Kung Fu Boot Camp, probably not if you ask my Shifu’s but I […]


So over the last few days I have learned more things than I can remember. The basics for so many different forms of Kung Fu, really just confuse me. It’s […]


Day 1 of training. I have learnt and forgotten many things all in a span of one day. I’m not sure if I will physically be able to get out […]


So I’ve arrived safe at the academy. With two flights and a drive under the belt, the first test was…. Survive the cold. Most would think “Your from Canada…Whats the […]

What IF Luke’s could kill?

  Well then, It’s been so long since I posted i’m not sure if I even remember how to. Looking back at the last two years, it has been full […]

Happy New Year! China Style…..

Life has been steadily passing by, new friends, new experiences, and as we jump into the year of the Monkey one must look to the future and review the past. […]

New and Revamped

Flambo SW

Well this will be a slow merge to fully update this site. As I prep the photos and get them up the galleries will grow, But overall this is going […]

Off I gooooo

So after what was a challenging 10 months, I’m off once again to change the scenery. It so far has begun with a relaxing trip to Lake Toba, Sumatra after […]

Christmas Work

First Off Merry Christmas everyone!! It’s another Christmas at work for me. These hot Christmas’s never really feel like Christmas. Either way, work has been about the same. Diving, teaching, […]

Working life…..

So far as work goes, I have temporarily hit the jackpot. The only thing that could make this better is a bit more money, because I’m quite poor. But then […]

Diving Diving Diving!!

So new job, means new dive sites. New dive sites means learning the lay of the land. Luckily I can take my camera out for these explorations and show you […]

New Life Begins…..

So after a week detour to the sister resort in Bunaken. I finally have arrived “home”, for the next year anyways. I’ve had a chance to unpack and make my […]

Back at it

So my time has been spent basically waiting for the E-mail that says “Visa Ready, Go pick it up”. It really could have been any day in the month of […]

Bali Livin

Bali…. Good for relaxation and stress all at the same time. So I have been finally travelling around Bali and it fills you with tranquility and yet at times so […]

Something new, Something Old


So here we go again… I apologize for not keeping this up to date. When working at a job I’ve been at for 2 years, everyday is kind of just […]

Sick of Holidays

Say whaaaaa?? It may not be what you think. I’m out here in Thailand for my holiday, Cruising the islands, doing a bit of shopping, and eating all the foods […]


Already into June Eh? As always time has been flying by. Seems to do that when you get into a rhythm, no? Dive, eat, sleep, and repeat. Everyday comes with […]

Emergency Procedures

One thing you must never forget in this industry is that, though it may seem like a fun and relaxed job, Really peoples lives are in your hands every time […]

Back in action

So I’ve made it to the area where i’m working, and have slowly settled down. Trying to get back into the swing of things is a slow and tiring process. […]

Rush Rush

So after a quick goodbye to Mexico, up and at ’em again. Flying Cancun-Montreal-Vancouver, let the running around begin. There are misconceptions on why I’m not at home. It has […]

As life fly’s by

Another year, Another birthday come and gone. Last year turning 30 I went skydiving, this year I went Ziplining/4×4 driving/cave rafting. Is this just a way to prove i’m still […]

Fun and Games

So now having some time to relax and be a tourist, I have, well relaxed and tourist-ed around . . . Some highlights being Cenotes and Temples. Lets begin with […]

Deep See Fish Watching Teacher Person

I have time to breath, so let me catch you up on things. To begin, living circumstances….. Though the outside looks like a typical Hollywood Mexican Ghetto Alleyway, the inside […]

10 Fingers and 10 Toes

Well so far its almost a week in, I’ve gotten a lay of the land. I have had a chance to sit down with the Instructor and go over things, […]

Here I go Again

So New adventures, New people. I’ve left the comfort of Family and a house to be on the road again. Playa Del Carmen welcomes me with its cold cold arms. […]


So I’ll start off as saying “I’ve just been to lazy”. No excuses, just been straight up lazy.  But this is blog worthy so, Yay blogging. I am subscribed to […]

Taco Time

So a long hop, skip and a jump and presto, Australia is in the past. After a very brief stop in Vancouver it was a straight shot to the warm […]

Yay? Meh? Iono

So its complete, 33,000Km and around $9000 in Petrol, Australia has been checked off the list. By no means can I say I’ve “seen” Australia, but I’ve definitely had a […]

Same, Same?

So Aside from contemplating life as an “oldie”, what have I been up to in the last month? You know, I’m getting to the point where I don’t really know/remember. […]


So I suppose your wondering how I’m coping with turning thirty….. Well I can’t go a night without having to get up to pee, I wake up at 6am, I […]

East Coasting

Now heading from the Center to the east coast was one more long journey to add to the many already had. Though slowly as the miles drew shorter, the land […]

Whats that smell?

So some may wonder “What is a day in the life of a bum like?”. It’s a good question…. So let me clarify how it differs so little from a […]

Rock then Roll

Heading into the heart of Australia, less dense the trees got, and more rocky the terrain turned. Dessert is the name of the game and rocks are the features. The […]

Nature fix

The trek from Darwin to Alice Springs has brought better experiences than the journey to Darwin. Its been a long drive but some notable stops have been recorded in between. […]

Movivg on, Yay??

So after what has seemed like a long time and yet has flown by, its once again time to say goodbye. I’ve been in Broome for about four months now, […]

To Storm or not to Storm

Once again life hasn’t changed much. I’ve occasionally had the chance to have a little time off work to sleep. Times I haven’t been sleeping I had the chance to […]

Hot hot hot

Soooo yeah …. Still working …. Life is slowing down. All the tourists have left Broome, and the residence are doing the same. Because there are fewer people in town, […]

Working like i’m poor

So I apologize to all my endearing fans who sit on the edge of their seats waiting to read what I have to say next. My excuse…. I’ve been busy…. […]

Daily Grind

So I’m settling into daily life, slowly. I go from having a 4 hour day of work to 14 hours, so to say the least it takes a bit to […]

Working life for me….

So Broome has held its side of the deal. I’m working, gone from waking at any hour of the day to working 7 days a week, sometimes between two jobs, […]

Rollin Rollin Rollin

So since I last posted things have slowly turned around. It’s been expensive but with all hope should pay off. After sitting around for three weeks searching for work, I […]

Fun –> Bummed

So going from fun in the sun to a life of dull unexciting rejection, these last few weeks have sucked. Shooting back down to Perth in search of the mighty […]

A whale of a tale

Exmouth ….. a little town, with a very big reef. Rushing north to this small town in hopes of catching the very end of the Whale Shark season, it was […]

Nothing but Road

So since I last left you in sweet suspense, wondering where I am and what I’ve been doing, here is your long awaited answer …. Driving. Nothing more, Nothing less, […]

Tally Ho

Well after a long search, acquiring a vehicle has been completed! After about a month and a half of sitting around looking for a suitable mobile residence, the search has […]

A new start

Round two: Western World……. “Begin!” The next adventure has begun but is off to a slow start. After an, as good as can be expected, flight set. 19 hour total […]

What are you doing NOW??

Usually is the question asked by people who haven’t seen me for a while, yet know how I operate. Answer: In transition now….. Another adventure has come to an end […]

Moving up to the bigtimes

So as I posted back in October……. “I know what your thinking, TV isn’t that famous, Don’t worry, I’m talking with my agent about this and we are working to […]

Miles ahead or just another day?

Finally getting under the water I experience things once again that make me happy. Malapascua, the main purpose of the trip, is famous for Thresher Sharks. Which is exactly the […]


Well even though life isn’t tough … One always can use a holiday. So what why not, but where too this time? I’m in search of the elusive Lumpia! So […]

Happy Holidays!!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!! New Year Resolution #1) Post more….. Keep Safe and Enjoy! Miss you guys

Time fly’s

As of Dec. 1st, it has been a year for me here on the island of fun. Diving, tanning, girls in bikinis, its been good. Though just how fast it […]

RIP Little Buddy

Losing Kids is hard …. This is the downfall of living in a place where vets are unheard of. Lots of love Ming Mong!!

Cave Spelunking

Just for something new and exciting I had the opportunity to go into Turtle Cave, and so I took it. This was my first time in a cave system and […]


How quickly time flys….. 2 years have passed already. Your not here but your not forgoten. Thanks for everything. Love you.


So to my fans I do apologize for my disappearance in the last while. I have lost my source of internet and have been trying to find a new one. […]

Sorry Sorry

I apologize for the lack of communication. My Internet access has been cut off for the last month and a bit. I’ll update as soon as possible I promise.


After two weeks of amazement, its back to work. An Extremely relaxing and invigorating time away. Two Fish Divers, Lembeh. If anyone is thinking about diving Lembeh, dive with them. […]

Dive Dive Dive

Is it weird that I dive for work, then go on a diving holiday from work? Then dream about diving on my dive holiday, away from my diving work? Maybeee…. […]

Huggy Bear

A Hug. Such a simple gesture, yet it has the power to make or break lives. What is it about an embrace that makes it so powerful? The feeling of […]

Outside looking in….

Ever feel like your looking at life from outside the world? Ever wish to be inside looking out? Everything in this world isn’t good enough. Where ever you may be, […]

Fantastic Fun For Finland!

Finland, how to describe the city of Helsinki and surrounding area ….. First off, Beautiful. The city itself is beautiful. Lots of greenery, very clean, cobble stone streets, old (maybe […]

On The Road Again!

The life as a hobo. It’s that time again, V1S@ run time. (<– Just incase the government is looking they wont know what I’m talking about!) Where to this time? […]

Dive Central

Diving has been good. A little murky but the things that have been coming out are just MENTAL! Of course this doesn’t mean that i’ve been seeing this stuff, but […]

You saw a WHAAAA???

Well when I said “we needed water…… and lots of it” I didn’t mean a tsunami! It’s ok, that didn’t peak its ugly face around our area. Though thoughts are […]

Wasn’t it Great to see Me??

Well here i am back in the throws of heat and a hammock. The trip home was great! Great, but exhausting in many senses. The 4 day, return trip, travel […]

Can’t you wait to see me?

I’m coming home!  ……. buuuuttttt only for a visit to sort stuff out. haha My tickets are booked and i’ll be home Feb. 2-18. I know I know I won’t […]


Well I need to keep this quick because my time online is limited. So first of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I’m still living the dive life. […]

Lack of Internet again

Sorry I’ve fallen off the grid again, but once again I’m on an Island which has no internet access. Well that’s a lie, there is internet but its so expensive, […]

Tastes Evolving??

Visiting Singapore about 2 years ago, I remember a nice and clean city that for the most part was not to exciting. This was the main reason I wasn’t planning […]

Fun toward the north

After my  time in Toraja I figured it was time for island life again. Traveling for 3 days I finally reached the destination of the Togean Islands. A collection of […]

Funeral Crashing?

That’s right I’ve done it! Got a problem with that? They sure didn’t. Sulawesi is a beautiful place full of nature and culture. Along side Sumatra it is one of […]

The Land Down Under

Sidetracking from my Asian expedition, I decided to visit a couple friends in Melbourne. I was able to even plan it so I was there for both their birthdays! I’m […]

Surfs Up Dude

Surrounded by sun, beach, babes, and surf, what more could a guy ask for? Well I guess he could ask for that to be his life, but aside from that, […]

Death update

In Melbourne and not dead. Just as an FYI.  Limited internet access so when I can actually spend some time on the net i’ll update properly.

Are Dragons Real?

Yes. Do they fly? Helllll no. The expensive trip out to Komodo, and its surrounding islands proved one thing. Dinosaurs do exist, and never believe what you see on tv […]


Sumatra, Indonesia, just west of Malaysia, is full of treasures just waiting to be found. Out of Indonesia it is one of the less traveled places for reasons that are […]

Angkor Whaaaat?

Cambodia’s hidden treasure Angkor Wat, also know as the 8th wonder of the world, is what brings most to Cambodia. “The Temples of Angkor” as they are referred to, are […]

Killer Cambodia

Doing some mass traveling through Lao required some mass relaxing. Thanks to the four thousand Islands, that was fully achieved. Being able to lay in a hammock, in my own […]

Lao Lao

So my lack of updates is not due to me not caring or getting lazy, it’s actually due to the lack of quality internet offered in the remoteness that Lao […]

Jungle Man

Thailand really does have many faces, from the lazy life on select Islands, to the bustling life of some major cities. Northern Thailand is no exception. It’s face is of […]

Bangkok Dangerous

Is it? Some say yes some say no. In my opinion it’s just another big city. Take the precautions you normally would in any large metropolitain area and you should […]

Enter the Thailand

Jumping from my cozy, quiet island of Tioman, I flew straight into the madness of Phuket. People to my left, People to my right, People above and even on the […]

Turtle Turtle

By far the most satisfying thing up to date. I’ve been off the grid on Juara, a more remote part of Tioman Island, Malaysia, helping to save the endangered, beautiful […]

I’m such a Hobo

Over the last week I’ve once again returned to the city, mostly as a transfer point to the next destinations though. Starting with Kuala Lumpur. KL is the Capital of […]

Eat … foood… good…

Kauhsuing, the laid back sister of Taipei is full of magical surprises. As for a city, it’s just another city. As for the eats, that’s another story. Food is phenomenal, […]


Made a quick stop off from HK to “South East Asia’s VEGAS” MACAU. Neat little place. When they say it’s like vegas they do mean it’s like vegas. MGM grand, […]

HK to the issay

Bright neon signs and great food is usually associated with the amazing city of Hong Kong. I have found them both. This condensed, shopping and food packed city is a […]

Oh Shanghai

If there is one word to describe Shanghai, it would be chaotic. This massive city is built on chaos. Shanghai throws you in the middle of a busy metropolitan city, […]

Expo Shmexpo.

Shanghai, once the place with high expectations of cool sights and fun times, not so. The World Expo, the draw to this major city in recent times. An exhibition of […]

Last thoughts on Beijing

Beijing has quite a “china” feel to it, well, as much as the Capital can have. Quite a different lifestyle to be had there. Housing is all in back alleys […]

So this is China?

Welcome to Beijing, a city full of history, great food, and a bustling lifestyle.  Listening to the sounds of the city, car horns, old men and women horking up a […]

A season for happy times

It’s nice to be able to sit and have a minute to ponder, not just in this busy time, but just in general. I want to thank everyone for the […]

End of an Era

This morning at 1:30 am, the gloves were finally hung up. Maybe not forever, but for a while. It’s a bitter sweet sensation to leave something that has taken up […]

Last trip remarks

It is truly an odd feeling going from one extreme to another. In what sence? City’s. Coming from Semporna to Singapore. The two city’s couldn’t really be any more different […]

Dive Day 2

Dive Day 2: Today was quite interesting on many levels. Realized I was stinky, saw some real sweet things and almost died. (Hook, Line, and Sinker) I’ll start from the […]

Dive Day 1

Lets get everyone caught up: Two days ago was mainly walking around town checking out the sites and got a painful 2 hour massage. It was cheap though only 30 […]

Day 2

So finally arrive to kota kinabalu fairly unhassled. Get off the plane and now it’s time to find my mates. Though funny how every taxi I ask has never heard […]

Trip: Day 1

So one wonders how the first leg of this overly priced, 2 week adventure begins. Well it starts something like this: An original 2:40am departure at the deserted YVR was […]


After a long week …… I like sitting …… ahhh yess sitting

Happy Birthday To Meee

It’s been another year come and gone. What has changed? I’ve seen enough meat to feed africa, then i’ve seen 11 people eat it in a sitting. Fantastic! Thanks Guys […]

Long Time Comming

So after what seems like a horrible year of working my ass off, I’m finally on vacation. Though it’ll probably seem like a weekend, none the less i’m on the […]

The Pad

Sitting in my chair at “MY PLACE” looking around at empty floor space, I have come to the conclusion that, for the most part,  My place is perdy much finished. […]

Burning like Maxxxx Payne

So watching a drug induced movie, I must have been secretly sprayed with the drug being taken in the movie. The burning sensation that was described so visually in the […]

City replacing Burbs….

So the big move is comming up quicker than expected, just in the fact that i’ve been so dam busy I haven’t packed a dam thing. Dang. Could this be […]

Sickness of Doom

Your gonna have to be a little more creative when trying to kill me world! Bastards. Though it did hurt. I HOPE THE WORLD BLOWS UP DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING […]


I’m soooo beisty. I missed china lessons because i was changing clothes and fell asleep. <<SIGH>> For those of you who would like to know how something like that happens, […]


So this is a time where, like in Ms. Lawsons class, I sit down and just write. A Freewrite. I have been complaining a lot about life in the recent […]

Advice Taken

Im gonna listen to the advice i have read on wills site. To let out my stress-ful thoughts so i can sleep better. Stressful thought no,1: I’m soooo exhausted i’m […]


The word of the day. Whats it mean? According to “coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained; unplanned: a spontaneous […]

Thanks all

Well its been a long time since i’ve had time or a place to blog. Well I still don’t have the time but now I have a place so sorry […]