Working Man

So officially 3 weeks into my Kiwi experience. I’ve seen some sights, ate some pies and found a job. I have been able to wander around town a little bit, in-between spouts of rain to take some photos. Been on a couple of muddy hikes up to the local Mt. Taranaki, according to wiki is one of the most symmetrical volcanic cones in the world.

New Plymouth is a town where you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon. It’s been very gracious in giving me a bit of work. Just because I haven’t done enough rando stuff in my life, I now make prefabricated truss (roofs) and walls, for houses. Working for a company called Timberco, I wear a tool belt and build like my younger years of Lego and Ikea has taught me. I’ve just finished my first week and yes am very sore.

Next on the list … get me some wheels.

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