On a Roll

So as the two month mark hits, things have been slowly but surely falling into place. Things having been crossed off the list: Arrive and get settled (Check), Find work (Check), Find transportation (Check), Save money (), Fly in a Helicopter (Check), Start working on hikes (Check).

I would like to introduce you to Betsy. A converted van that will, in time, be my wheels to freedom. Hopefully. She has a bit of work to be done to make her a bit more space efficient and useful, but the condition I bought her in was a good start. Below are some of the before pictures. I’ll try and make her more “homey” lets see what the after looks like.

Work is coming along, and is helping pay the bills. Next is to save that cash.

My mate was also able to hook me up with a trip in a Chopper! Was my first ride in a helicopter and it was sooooo cooool. Flying from the mountain inland and out over the coast, we landed on the beach and a few other spots. I want to buy one and learn how to fly it! Anyone want to sponsor that? I’ll give you free rides 😀

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