Adventures in Northland

Life has been busy and slow all at the same time. Work week to week fluctuates between super busy and quite slow. So I have been trying to utilize my time the best I can. I’ve been able to move out of the van and into a house. Time has been spent organizing the new room and getting settled. The remainder time has been trying to explore as much as possible.

The beauty of the Northland is awesome, with endless hikes and beaches to explore. On a few days off I’ve managed to get out and see a fraction of it. So far it hasn’t disappointed. Will be chipping away at it as time goes.

As for the diving, it’s definitely different to what I have been doing the last bunch of years. With water temperature half of what I’m used to, and conditions variable, it has kept me on my toes. None the less, small eagle rays, short tail rays, and fish bumping into you, and dolphins on the surface, it has kept my attention. Let’s see what summer has to offer.

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