New Adventures

Well its been a rocky last few months but lets hope this new adventure will prove to be more promising. Once again i’m shaking things up and checking out life in a new land, a kiwi land. New Zealand, home of the hobbits, is where i’ll call home for hopefully the next little while. 

After a 14h flight to the city of Auckland, then another 5h in a bus, and another 1h or so in a car, I’ve made it to home base of New Plymouth. A small city, population 75,000, by the coast. I have been lucky enough to be able to crash with my Brother from another mother and his misses. 

Paperwork has been completed and now the job hunt begins. Along side the job hunt a little exploring and a little hiking has happened. Though I have traded a nice hot summer for a Kiwi winter. So the hikes have been at some spots ankle deep in mud…. 

Lets see what this country has to offer!!

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