Today was a Good day

There are just some days you need to spoil yourself. It can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. To remind you what makes life worth living….. Food of course!

I was a little unprepared where my day was leading me when I got out of bed yesterday. By 10am I found myself googling “best bacon and eggs Singapore”. To which the universe guided me to an article titled “8 places for the best bacon better than sex”. From there my mission began.

I ended up Downtown at a little café/bakery called Freshly Baked. With the recommendation from the internet, I ordered the BLT with soup and an Americano. Within 3 minutes I was stairing at what looked to be a regular BLT, broccoli soup, and a tasty coffee. To start the coffee was as a good cup of joe should be. Black, bitter, and strong….like my heart! Tucking into the sandwich, it was fairly simple but one of the best BLT’s I’ve ever had. The bread was untoasted and as soft, light, and fluffy as a cloud. The Bacon, crisp and crunchy, yet not burnt. A layer of avocado almost in a paste, along with the lettuce and tomatoes all fresh. CRUSHED my sandwich craving. The only thing to make the entire meal perfect would have been a better soup, it was only average.

I was then off to get a haircut and as you know the only purpose for that is for the head massage while washing the hair. While a little expensive, it was good service and the first time a hair dresser has ever asked if I wanted a perm. I guess my hair IS getting long.

After, while trying to decide what to do now, I walked by “The Assembly Ground” a café in the same mall and decided to sit down for a coffee. I was looking at the menu and was persuaded to have the Assembly burger. This arrived looking picture perfect. A nice thick beef paddy, with crisp bacon, perfectly fried egg, covered in melted cheese. Delish! This was accompanied by fries and a salad way too much food but left very satisfied. The coffee was a bit too fruity tasting for my liking but still not bad.

After all that food I thought I would walk around a bit to, well not be a complete fatass. While walking around the city, I ended up in Chinatown. Sadly I know a great cigar and whisky joint there that I could not pass by without going in. So since the last time I was there I guess they lost their smoking license. Plans ruined right? Of course not. They lead me into the “private room” which was in the back of the store with a keypad entry. Just like the movies, it has your leather couches and tastefully decorated. There I sat for the next hour and a bit having a nice Cuban and Japanese whisky.

Thinking I have indulged myself beyond what I should I decided to once again go for a walk while I waited to meet up with a friend. I somehow found myself sitting by the river with a Chocolate Lava cake and Thai Coconut Ice-cream in my hands….. At this point I think I have, in one day, consumed the amount of calories I have lost in Two months of Kung Fu school. Totally worth it!

When meeting with my friend, she had suggested visiting a Spanish tapas restaurant. Where we finished off my consuming day with:1)Dingley Deli Pork jowl, chipotle mayo, pickled pear 2)Chorizo iberico croqueta, piquillo mayo 3)Padron peppers, sriracha & chimichurri 4)Roasted cauliflower, cauliflower cous-cous, Serrano ham, manchego cheese 5)Spanish suckling pig, rhubarb and apple chutney, mulled wine jus.

To the Pigs that gave their lives so I could have this day… I salute you…

(sorry the photos don’t do the food justice, I only had my crappy phone camera)

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