Off I gooooo

So after what was a challenging 10 months, I’m off once again to change the scenery. It so far has begun with a relaxing trip to Lake Toba, Sumatra after a brief visit to Singapore. Food and R&R have been the main focuses of this mini vacation and I’ve covered the food part pretty good. I’m getting fat, only to get worse when I’m back home for a visit. Meh… I love food!!!!

I’ll be home for about 3 weeks before I head back out to Asia to begin what will be a long contract with another dive company. Based once again on the Island of Mabul, I will hopefully be able to finally save up some money in the coming years. If I can motivate myself I’ll be working on a few photo projects, but I’ll keep you posted on that. In the mean time I think my hammock looks lonely so I’m off….. But I’ll leave you with a few last shots from my diving holidays and some culture of Sumatra…..

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